Important Announcement, 7/2020

Weekly Meetings will continue to be held ONLINE until further notice!

Weekly meetings will be held virtually during the day and time of YOUR regular meeting.

Your management team will be sending out weekly updates to speakers and 1 on 1's along with your meeting link.

We ask that you show up ready and professionally.

We strongly recommend the use of your camera on your laptop, computer or cell phone.

Look for emails and post on the NGBC Face Book Engage page for details.



The members of the North Georgia Business Connection generate over 30 MILLION in closed referrals in 2019!

AS of June, 2020 the NGBC has recorded over 19.1 Million in referrals!

All this during the Covid-19 interruptions.

We are NOW taking applications for new members in ALL of our chapters. For n=more information, click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Looking to add proven business networking to your marketing strategy?

The North Georgia Business Connection (NGBC) is what your business needs to grow! We are a local closed networking organization that allows local business owners and their representatives to network and grow their businesses through generating & receiving qualified, business qualified referrals.

Visit one of our seven NGBC Chapters and see what other local successful businesses have been doing since 2000.

Referrals are your most powerful sales strategy ~

~ Word-of-Mouth" is the most cost-effective form of advertising... period. ~

 The NGBC provides a structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals. With over $17.5M in recorded business closed in 2016, and $30M in 2017 and 2018, the NGBC also provides education on how to "build" yourself, your SALES TEAM, your "brand" and your business while providing solutions to better assist your clients. 

 Our NGBC Chapters meet weekly, with locations in Buford, Cumming, Hamilton Mill, Jefferson, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Snellville and Suwanee.

If you are a savvy professional, and realize that referrals are an ESSENTIAL part of your business, then The NGBC is the organization for you!


North Georgia Business Connections

Growing. Local. Business.


Weekly Networking

Builds trust and understanding that can generate a stream of qualified referrals.

Builds a team of people who are there to support you and your business.

Builds confidence and experience of presenting to your peers.

Big Frog Electric

Big Frog started back in 2011 , in the middle of the recession, I had a great job but was bored and frustrated not having complete control of a business so I decided there's a better way to do this and Big Frog was born. At the time I lived in East Cobb but knew we were destined for Gwinnett so I started going to open networking events to promote our business, that's where I met Rachel Weeks and she invited me to a closed networking group in Buford at the Golden Corral , I was reluctant because of the time , 7:30 and living as far away as I was . I attended and met Rob Donahue and thought wow this is different. I joined the next day if I remember right, at that time it was just me , answering phones ,doing the calls and accounting. My first year was rough doing that drive , brand new business and trying to establish ourselves in Gwinnett was a daunting task. I got more advice and guidance from fellow members that helped drive me to not give up even though it seemed like the most logical thing to do at times. I learned a ton about social media, online presence and proper business attire ( thanks Joe Fenski and Calvin Koon) . The NGBC gave me tools I'd never would have thought I even needed to make it through those first few years. Ive learned about business insurance , taxes , marketing , hiring and firing and the kind of business know how you can't get through a college but from seasoned vets . The NGBC helped us grow to 15 people at one point then helped me to realize that maybe less is more and we shrunk back to a reasonable size, it helped me to step out of my comfort zone and push through any obstacle and to realize when I'm wrong and when I'm right. We are now one of the top rated electrical businesses in Georgia , # 1 on Angieslist , Best of Gwinnett 2015 and 2016 , and even despite these accolades and all the great business knowledge I received, I got complacent with NGBC , we still referred our people and I still attended the meetings but was ready to leave ( what a dummy) , not because NGBC doesn't work for our business , not because the evolution of the NGBC but because I hadn't evolved with it, I hadn't used all the tools available to me ( subbing duh) and I was always too busy , bad timing ..... blah blah blah excuses . So in the middle of a conversation with Rob he was saying the NGBC needed more consultants and leaders and without even a thought I volunteered and am now the Suwanee Chapter Consultant , I've added our field supervisor Derek Dickens to the Johns Creek Chapter and have expanded our business in doing so. The NGBC is no different than anything in our lives it will only be as important as we make it , it will only be as successful as we allow it to be and will thrive when we truly look in the mirror and ask what is at that " I " can do better , be better or make better. The NGBC was and is the answer I have needed time and time again and for that I thank all of our members and leaders for making my business successful and I look forward to making yours as successful as you are willing to make it be too.

FAM/YSS Athletics

My 2017 NGBC Success story and the rewards of inviting of Guests. In 2016, a member in the Snellville Chapter invited a guest. That guest picked up every members cards from our card box during the meeting.
That guest didn't end up joining the NGBC, however she did keep my card and passed it along to a friend of hers when there was a problem with a cheerleading uniform purchased from a different vendor. The guest's friend's daughter was a Jr. Falcon's Cheerleader and her uniform was too small. Because of the way the uniform was made, we were not able to help with the uniform to make it fit properly. I had no idea this lady would tell the Jr Falcon's Cheerleading Program Director about FAM/YSS Athletics and that we made all our uniforms right here in Georgia.
Early spring of this year the Jr Falcon's Cheerleading program director contacted me letting me know that lady indeed passed our contact information along and was extremely interested in working with us.
About 6 weeks ago we delivered all 297 Jr Falcon's cheerleading uniforms to the program. All the girls were so excited about the upgrade in the uniforms from what they have had in the past and at no additional cost to the program or the parents.
Because a member inviting a guest, FAM/YSS Athletics now has a very large new customer. We have had the opportunity to met all the Falcon's cheerleaders. We have also met the company owner who manufacturers most of the NFL Cheerleading uniforms which does not manufacture uniforms for the Jr NFL cheerleading programs and wants to refer that business to FAM/YSS Athletics moving forward.
We also received a gift from the Falcon's Cheerleaders when we delivered the uniforms. Season tickets to all home Falcons games this year. These tickets are being shared with our employees who really make FAM/YSS Athletics look good every day.
Thank you Snellville Chapter members who continually invite guests to attend and experience a professional business meeting that works helping local businesses grow.
Never underestimate a guest and who they know!!!!